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The 1st Sales lead retrieval system adds real value to our tradeshow. Powerful, flexible, no work on our part and no cost to us. We highly recommend 1st Sales to any tradeshow manager.
  Computer-Using Educators
We really like this system. The scanners are SO small and easy to use - we used two this year. We were able to create our own lead qualification categories when we arrived at the show.
  3M Company/Visual Systems
We like this much better than the big gun wired to a printer. We like it better than mag stripe. Great!
  InFocus Corporation
This is a terrific system, best we have ever used. Nothing compares in terms of ease of use and power to capture custom lead qualification data. We got back from the show and were ready to hit the street running!
  KB Covers
This was an INCREDIBLY easy system to use.  We got our leads so quickly after the show.  We look forward to using this system again!
  Olympus Systems
We like it. Best we've ever used. We hate the guns, cables, etc. We really like the portability!
  LEGO Education
Love it! Thank you for your excellent service.
This is a very elegant, clean solution. We created our own lead qualification system at the show. No cables, printouts or booth clutter. It reads perfectly every time. We got our leads the day after the show and were off and running!
  Horizon Computers
Powerful, reliable and easy to use!
  netTrekker d. i.
VERY easy to use!
This is a great system. By far, the easiest we have ever used. No cables, printers, etc. Just a small scanner I could keep in my pocket. We got the leads by email the next day. What could be easier? I would definitely recommend this system to others
  Famundo, LLC
Love it!
Great system. Point, zap, done. Best we've ever used. Like magic! Easier than the Staples Easy Button!
  Franklin Electronic Publishers
A fine system. Very cool! Will definitely ask our marketing department to push for this system at other shows!
  Absolute Software
Awesome scanner. We love it!
  Discovery Education
Great! We like this much better than other systems we've used.
  Angel Learning
We LOVE your scanner! Very happy with it. Can't wait to use it again.
  GeeGuides, LLC
This is the greatest! So easy to use!
Fantastic. Fabulous! SO customizable. This is the GREATEST!
  Thomson Gale
I like it!
  Tech Ed, The Community College Foundation
We love it. Very valuable addition to the show. What we've been looking for for years. SO flexibible! Portability is fantastic!
Best system ever. We like the ability to customize the lead qualification system on site.
  GenevaLogic, Inc.
We love it. SO portable!
  Smart Technologies, Inc.
Works great! Easy to use. No paper spewing out of a big ugly box in the booth.
  Software Express, Inc.
We're VERY happy with this system. We loved it!
  Renaissance Learning
This is a GREAT system.
  Excelsior Software, Inc.
Great! We really like the custom lead qualification sheet.
  Inspiration Software, Inc.
We were quite happy with the system. It worked perfectly. This year, we picked up a second scanner: one for the booth and one to take attendance at our workshops. We would definitely recommend it to anyone!
  Digital Media Academy
VERY easy to use!
  LightSPEED Technologies, Inc.
Great! We love being able to add freeform notes! Awesome!
  Academic Superstore
Love it!
  Rand McNally
We LOVE it. Nicest system we've ever used!
  Crick Software
Super easy to use. SO small!
Very good system.
  Turning Technologies
Works great!
  CampusTech, Inc.
We like it. We've been doing shows for 9 years and this the easiest system we have ever used. I want to use this at our other shows!
  Avermedia Technologies, Inc.
Great! We like the ability to add notes. Love it!
  iLearn Inc.
Love it! Easy to use!
Works great!
  Troxell Communications
Love it. Simple. It simply works!
Love it. SO portable!
Excellent system!
  Welsh Products, Inc.
Fantastic. So easy to add notes to our leads.
We love it. So easy to make qualification scans.
  Oliver Worldclass Labs Inc.
VERY easy to use!
  Clear Vision Networks
We used this at the CUE conference. It was VERY easy to use.
  California Educational Technology Professionals Association
Love it! So easy to use! Would definitely use this system again!
  Parat Solutions
This was a nice scanner. We LOVED the fact that it was wireless and so small! This was VERY easy to work with. Great turn around on the leads.
  DMI International Corp.
Fantastic! This is the easiest system we've every used for qualifying our leads and taking notes!
  Compass Learning
So easy to use. Really nice to be able to customize our lead qualification system on the fly at the show.
  Barnum Software
Very friendly system!
  STAR Educational Systems
We LOVED it! No bulky boxes, cables, etc.
  School Technology Resources
  Read Naturally Inc.
This is great! So much better than the oversized geriatric scanners we've used at other shows!
  Extron Electronics
We LIKE it!
  Safari Montage/Library Video Company
We really like the capacity to add notes. We wish we had this system at ALL the shows we attend.
  Apperson Education Products
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